October 5, 2016

Time To Think »

For the past four weeks, I have been recovering from a hip replacement. The process is going well. Not being as agile and certainly not mobile gave me time to think. I decided before the operation to tell folks that I would be not responding to email as quickly for the next 30 days –while this did... Read More

August 15, 2016

Intelligent City (Digital Strategy/Smart City) »

On a regular basis municipalities around the globe suddenly announces that they are now a “Smart City”. The challenge is that most cannot adequately describe what makes a city a “smart city”. Usually in their description it involves ubiquitous high-speed internet access and a host of... Read More
April 2, 2016

Risks & Challenges For The Entrepreneur »

To consider taking the entrepreneurial leap already sets a person apart from the vast majority of men and women who will never come close to actually leaving the world of regular wages or salaries. However, the cold and often harsh reality of the risks taken typically come with that leap – when the last paycheck... Read More
March 21, 2016

Retiring From Business »

A Great friend died this weekend – We had worked for over 25 years on projects throughout the world – He was a lawyer – a friend – a great human person. Yes, we are both over 80 years - should be retired and enjoying life on the beach. I guess it was not our lifestyle.

It got me to... Read More
December 31, 2015

Some Thoughts For Year End »

As we approach a new year (yes a leap year), we wanted to take a moment and share with you some thoughts for 2016 and what we might see and expect to happen in business entities. Yes, more waves of disruptive technology (social media, mobility, analytics, big data, and cloud).

What will this mean to you as business... Read More
April 13, 2015

Professional Advisors - How To Select One. »

Some thoughts about what you should be thinking about when selecting one!

Every startup needs a couple of advisors with deep experience and connections in your business domain or financial skills to complement your technical focus. Advisors need to be mentors, looking ahead and directing you on key actions... Read More