People and the Organization in Energy Conservation and Real Estate »

The economic challenges of the past several years have driven home The significant need among corporate real estate managers, real estate developers, brokers and building managers to find ways to cut costs to keep space filled and seek alternative way to reduce energy consumption.
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Canada As an Innovation Centre »

Canada ranks far too low for Innovation amongst the leading Nations in the world. Robert H. Lane takes a good hard look at the issue in this White Paper on Innovation Read More

Tips for Creating an Effective Advisory Board! »

Building an effective Advisory Board can be worthwhile, but the process must be managed well. Your commitment to the Board will determine their commitment to your firm. here are a few tips on building your Board. Read More

What Do Your Customers Think of You and How Do You Know? »

Listening to your customer has never been so easy - nor important. Robert H. Lane explains why. Read More

Building Intelligence Planning Program SURVEY »

Building an Intelligent Building requires thought, experience and foresight. After managing several major projects, Robert H. Lane shares his high level view of what is required. Read More

Critical Success Factors »

Every business requires an early warning system to let them know when they are off course. These critical success factors are a good example, yet every business may wish to customize their own KPIs... Read More

Observations from AHR Expo (International Air-Conditioning.Heating.Refrigerating Exposition) »

Years of consulting to the AHR industry Robert H.Lane has a way of predicting the future based on the past, the leading technologies and the people in the industry... Read More

CES in Pajamas »

A comprehensive report on what one witnessed at the 2011 CES Show in Las Vegas, complete with links and videos... Read More

Observations from the 2011 International Consumer Electric Show »

Robert H. Lane has attended the CES and COMDEX shows every year since they were first created. His observations and perspective on the business is unique and when Bob speaks about trends in the Consumer Electronic sector, we all listen... Read More

Consultants Can Make a Difference »

When structured properly a relationship with a good Consultant can make a significant difference to the future of a Company. And the client has a significant role in that success... Read More

The Electrician of the Future »

The times they are a changing and Electricians are not immune to those changes. Robert H. Lane describes what he is seeing and why... Read More

How the World of Work will Change! »

The World of Work is dramatically different than 20 years ago and certainly no resemblance to 40 years ago yet we all live our work lives like it will never change... Read More