Your iPhone at the US Border »

There are new rules when crossing the border into the US Read More

What Might you THINK about to get better results in 2019? »

Often achieving better results is accomplished, not by relying new ideas, systems, customers or products, but getting rid of old ones. Here are a few ideas of thinks you might get rid of for better results in 2019. Read More

The Future »

Business is moving faster than ever. We’re in a boom time for innovation in every area of business. The results of numerous surveys over the past two or three years have revealed that customer experience will be a priority for most companies. And, they are right. Companies are beginning to figure it out. Read More

When should you start to think about Retirement! »

In our 1st look at Retirement, I outlined how I wanted to share with you some ideas about retirement from my own personal experience. Perhaps a question might be – when should you start thinking about retirement Read More

Retiring in the Fun and Sun »

Previously we have talked about getting ready to retire and planning before it all happens – now let’s look at a large majority of folks getting to retire think about – Fun in the Sun Read More


An important element to consider is the issues of Health and how they might impact your retirement plans Read More

Introduction to Retirement »

Retirement. Welcoming to some, and dreaded by others. What does retirement mean to you? Read More

On Riding A Dead Horse »

The tribal wisdom of the Dakota Indians, passed on from generation to generation, says that when you discover that you are riding a dead horse the best strategy is to dismount Read More

What do we use all these technology devices for »

In my days with the Commodore 64 it was playing games, the cellphones added not only games but scanning dating sites and with the internet came more games, dating sites and pornography. Read More

9 Signs You’re Successful — Even If It Doesn’t Feel Like It! »

Thought this article was really worth sharing. All of us, at some point in our lives have experienced down-days. Days when we get up and wonder – what is all about – why do I continue to do this every day. Those around us often do not see it that way. You have material wealth, the car- house in the country with the swimming pool. The materialist elements of success – for good or bad. Read More

DAVOS 2017 - 5 Leadership Priorities for 2017 »

What happens when you host a big event based on coming together, forging new links, and intense globalization at a time the dynamics in many parts of the world are pulling in the opposite direction? The World Economic Forum, which opens January 17 in the Alpine resort of Davos, is about to find out. Read More

Look forward to getting OLD! What are Your Plans for the Future? »

In the recent issue of Business Insider, they illustrated the median employee age of 17 Top Tech Companies. Yes, these are the folks we talk about everyday- the darlings of the stock market. Innovators from which we see many of the new products and ideas – often the disrupters of the status quo Read More