What Might you THINK about to get better results in 2019? »

Often achieving better results is accomplished, not by relying new ideas, systems, customers or products, but getting rid of old ones. Here are a few ideas of thinks you might get rid of for better results in 2019. Read More

When should you start to think about Retirement! »

In our 1st look at Retirement, I outlined how I wanted to share with you some ideas about retirement from my own personal experience. Perhaps a question might be – when should you start thinking about retirement Read More


An important element to consider is the issues of Health and how they might impact your retirement plans Read More

Look forward to getting OLD! What are Your Plans for the Future? »

In the recent issue of Business Insider, they illustrated the median employee age of 17 Top Tech Companies. Yes, these are the folks we talk about everyday- the darlings of the stock market. Innovators from which we see many of the new products and ideas – often the disrupters of the status quo Read More

Retiring From Business »

A Great friend died this weekend – We had worked for over 25 years on projects throughout the world – He was a lawyer – a friend – a great human person. Yes, we are both over 80 years - should be retired and enjoying life on the beach. I guess it was not our lifestyle. Read More

Professional Advisors - How To Select One. »

Every startup needs a couple of advisors with deep experience and connections in your business domain or financial skills to complement your technical focus. Advisors need to be mentors, looking ahead and directing you on key actions to take or avoid. Read More

Selling Into The USA - Be Aware! »

The landscape is changing and as a business selling into the USA the onus is on you to understand Federal and State tax liabilities. Read More

What is A Trusted Advisor and Why Do I Need One? »

A look at what to expect in 2012 from Robert H Lane, a trusted business advisor based in Toronto... Read More

Important Tips For Small Businesses »

A few wise words about key factors to keep an eye on. With many years and having seen many entrepreneurs succeed and fail, Bob Lane shares a few pearls for small business owners. Read More

A Review of REALCOMM 2011 »

Robert H. Lane reviews the 13th Annual REALCOMM show. Attended by some 400 delegates representing major Real Estate owners, property developers, major tenants and the Federal Government, this year's show was in Orlando, FLA. The theme of this Conference was ‘BEYOND ROI’ – Driving Business Value with Technology. Read More

Return On Investment for Executives - Basic Considerations »

Marketing investments must be considered exactly that: investments. And every Executive should understand how and when the firm receives their return... Read More

Critical Success Factors »

Every business requires an early warning system to let them know when they are off course. These critical success factors are a good example, yet every business may wish to customize their own KPIs... Read More