When should you start to think about Retirement! »

In our 1st look at Retirement, I outlined how I wanted to share with you some ideas about retirement from my own personal experience. Perhaps a question might be – when should you start thinking about retirement Read More

Retiring From Business »

A Great friend died this weekend – We had worked for over 25 years on projects throughout the world – He was a lawyer – a friend – a great human person. Yes, we are both over 80 years - should be retired and enjoying life on the beach. I guess it was not our lifestyle. Read More

Always Connected, But Always Distracted! »

Year end - time to assess what's really going on. Read More

Thought on Handling Change »

We all handle change differently, yet in some ways we all have the same reactions. Human nature trumps the rational mind. After many years of watching businesses and industries change, Bob Lane shares his thoughts about change Read More

Canada As an Innovation Centre »

Canada ranks far too low for Innovation amongst the leading Nations in the world. Robert H. Lane takes a good hard look at the issue in this White Paper on Innovation Read More