9 Signs You’re Successful — Even If It Doesn’t Feel Like It! »

Thought this article was really worth sharing. All of us, at some point in our lives have experienced down-days. Days when we get up and wonder – what is all about – why do I continue to do this every day. Those around us often do not see it that way. You have material wealth, the car- house in the country with the swimming pool. The materialist elements of success – for good or bad. Read More

DAVOS 2017 - 5 Leadership Priorities for 2017 »

What happens when you host a big event based on coming together, forging new links, and intense globalization at a time the dynamics in many parts of the world are pulling in the opposite direction? The World Economic Forum, which opens January 17 in the Alpine resort of Davos, is about to find out. Read More

Lessons Learned in My First 80 Years »

Some interesting comments, we might all want to consider The Chairman and Founder of Blackstone’s Ventures Funds reflects upon lessons learned in the 1st 80 years of his life, Blackstone's Byron Wien Discusses Lessons Learned in His First 80 Years (founder Blackstone Ventures) Read More

Choosing Incentive Plans »

An overview of Bonus Plans and their role in an organization. Read More

What is Your Strategic Position? »

Success is predicated upon choosing the right position. Here are 8 Questions Is the position......
Desirable Sizeable Ownable Preferable Achievable Believeable Understanable Profitable Read More

Thought on Handling Change »

We all handle change differently, yet in some ways we all have the same reactions. Human nature trumps the rational mind. After many years of watching businesses and industries change, Bob Lane shares his thoughts about change Read More

How the World of Work will Change! »

The World of Work is dramatically different than 20 years ago and certainly no resemblance to 40 years ago yet we all live our work lives like it will never change... Read More