Look forward to getting OLD! What are Your Plans for the Future? »

In the recent issue of Business Insider, they illustrated the median employee age of 17 Top Tech Companies. Yes, these are the folks we talk about everyday- the darlings of the stock market. Innovators from which we see many of the new products and ideas – often the disrupters of the status quo Read More

Intelligent City (Digital Strategy/Smart City) »

On a regular basis municipalities around the globe suddenly announces that they are now a “Smart City”. The challenge is that most cannot adequately describe what makes a city a “smart city”. Usually in their description it involves ubiquitous high-speed internet access and a host of smartphone applications. Read More

Some Thoughts For Year End »

As we approach a new year (yes a leap year), we wanted to take a moment and share with you some thoughts for 2016 and what we might see and expect to happen in business entities. Yes, more waves of disruptive technology (social media, mobility, analytics, big data, and cloud). Read More

Energy Efficiency, Technology and User Behaviour »

Will the brain ever be as programmable as a thermostat? We are talking about hardware, software and wetware – the latter being the puzzling stuff between people's ears that make their behaviours so hard to manage. (Heard this word at an energy conference last year) Read More

A Review of REALCOMM 2011 »

Robert H. Lane reviews the 13th Annual REALCOMM show. Attended by some 400 delegates representing major Real Estate owners, property developers, major tenants and the Federal Government, this year's show was in Orlando, FLA. The theme of this Conference was ‘BEYOND ROI’ – Driving Business Value with Technology. Read More

People and the Organization in Energy Conservation and Real Estate »

The economic challenges of the past several years have driven home The significant need among corporate real estate managers, real estate developers, brokers and building managers to find ways to cut costs to keep space filled and seek alternative way to reduce energy consumption.
Read More

Observations from the 2011 International Consumer Electric Show »

Robert H. Lane has attended the CES and COMDEX shows every year since they were first created. His observations and perspective on the business is unique and when Bob speaks about trends in the Consumer Electronic sector, we all listen... Read More

How the World of Work will Change! »

The World of Work is dramatically different than 20 years ago and certainly no resemblance to 40 years ago yet we all live our work lives like it will never change... Read More