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October 5, 2016

For the past four weeks, I have been recovering from a hip replacement. The process is going well. Not being as agile and certainly not mobile gave me time to think. I decided before the operation to tell folks that I would be not responding to email as quickly for the next 30 days –while this did little to stem the flow, it created time to think without even considering the impact of not responding to twitter – Facebook and all other forms of social media. Yes, after not responding for 10 days several resorted to calling on the phone- two even sent a card enquiring of my whereabouts in the mail. 

Thought about many things – one area in particular. Soft Skills These little things ensure we are successful in our daily business pursuits. Thought I would share these with you.

Be on Time 

Sounds simple, but have you noticed people arriving for work in the morning always have an excuse- the subway broke down- alarm clock did not work . If a meeting or your activities are to start at a certain time, it is simply personal courtesy to be there on time. It shows you care. 

Be a good team player

Any business is composed of people- the # 1 ingredient and the most important. But no Company can succeed if everyone feels and acts as if they were individual contributors. It takes a team to succeed. At times, you must bury your pride and follow what you might consider an incorrect direction. If you truly are unhappy with the situation – then get out. 

Flexibility regarding your schedule

We have to be there when the customer and the company needs us… Starting early, working late, weekend availability… it’s not a 9 to 5 job. If this is what you think it is, then you are in the wrong vocation. Get out, become a civil servant. There is a balance between a personal life and a business life. When either one tips too far you will endure disruptions and personal grief.

Listening to what the customer says, and then using their own words back.

Do you really take time to listen – or are you telling the customer what you think they need to know about what you can do for them. Yes, you are smart, able to provide all the jargon and words about your products and solutions. But why are you talking with them!

I would suggest that they are looking for someone to solve their problem. Until you know what it is, the best path is to listen. Until you know what the problem is the easiest way is to listen. You never lose an order by first listening.

Master the first impression 

This is the way you dress, the way you first meet the client. If you drive a car and are calling on Ford- perhaps a Chevrolet is not appropriate. The fancy sport car, dirty truck may not be the image you should be portraying. People remember these things. Are your shoes clean – how is your personal hygiene – is your handshake firm. All of this is about mastering the first impression 

In this new world of High Technology, we often forget that it is not the great solution or products you can provide, but the little things that make the real difference in a sale. 

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