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November 27, 2017

From the earliest days of technology we have seen a continual rush of new items all designed to help us do something- from electric tooth brushes to now those with rechargeable batteries - the can opener, home computers, wireless phones, vibrators – There is an never ending list.. And some new arrivals   Amazon Alexa or Google Home

In my days with the Commodore 64 it was playing games, the cellphones added not only games but scanning dating sites and with the internet came more games, dating sites and pornography. Yes, these are still the major uses. Now we have been introduced to new items. People we can talk to and ask for advices and information 

You might like to see what the uses for these devices has shown to date   

Top Actions


Three items:      Set a Timer … Check the Weather…. Play a Song

You can draw your own conclusions as to the value and longevity of such solutions 


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